Andrés Millán

Internet of Things

Andrés Millán Alcaide is Computer Engineering by the University of Córdoba and MSc in Electronics Systems for Smart Environments by the University of Málaga.

During his BsC, focused in Network simulations, Network architectures and working in efficient closed-loop control protocols for IoT platforms in the Advanced Informatics Research Group (GIIA) at the University of Córdoba. In the last year of his BsC, he was a research fellow in that research group.

At his MsC, its main contribution was the Integration of the Alexa assistant as a Voice Interface for Robotics Platforms, allowing to present a paper in a relevant international conference.

Currently, he has a PhD fellowship at the University of Cádiz in partnership with Airbus D&S, a relevant company in the Aerospace scope. He is working in IoT for Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.