What is UCADatalab?

UCA Datalab was born out of the initiative of six young researchers that landed at the University of Cádiz in early 2018 as part of a program to attract talented researchers with international experience and specific profiles geared towards leading R&D projects with the industrial sector. This program, led by the vice-Chancellor of Technological Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, was designed to incorporate experts with full time research positions and specific profiles on data science, machine learning, Internet of things, computer vision and cybersecurity. As a result, the UCA Datalab team is able to tackle complex technological problems covering all phases of a project pipeline: starting from a mathematical modelling of the problem, data acquisition through cameras and sensors, transmission of data via networks of mobile or fixed devices, ensuring that data is handled in a secure manner at every step, developing machine learning algorithms to process and extract value from the acquired data, and finally deploying end user multi-platform applications for visualization and ease of interaction.
A small all-in-one team, UCA Datalab is the swiss knife of data science projects.

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