Smart Bin Puerto Real

IoT for smart garbage collection

This project fits into the Smart Cities ecosystem and plans to use modern technologies to improve the garbage collection in the city of Puerto Real. UCA Datalab collaborates with Grupo Energético Puerto Real (GEN), the company in charge of this task.
We have studied several different technological solutions to deploy an IoT network of sensors attached to the garbage containers, whose task is to measure the volume occupied by the urban residues deposited in each container. The sensors will be interconnected by a LoraWan network and their data gather and centralized in a server. With historical data, an AI algorithm will predict the curves and forecast the optimal moment to empty the container. Finally, a route optimization algorithm will find the optimal routes for the garbage trucks to gather the necessary residues, thus saving on fuel and operation costs and guaranteeing service quality.

Contract art.83 between Grupo Energético Puerto Real S.A. y UCA
Team: 8 researchers
Duration: dec 2018 – jun 2019
Quantity: 14.950 €
IP: A. Ruiz Zafra