Multimode Neuroimaging to monitor brain development during the neonatal period

In this project led by INIBICA, image processing and AI software tools will be developed that allow, using morphometric-based methods, to estimate local changes in the brain volume of premature infants both as a three-dimensional map and by regions of interest (white matter , basal ganglia, thalamus, hippocampus, cerebellum). An iterative computational approach will be carried out to resolve the geometric relationship between anatomical structures, and apply uni- and bivariate statistical procedures to search for differences in brain volume between the study groups, as well as relationships between anatomical and clinical variables.

ITI Cádiz- Salud 2019
Team: 2 INIBICA + 3 UCA
Duration: Nov 2020-Oct 2023
Quantity: 237.010
IPs: Isabel Benavente
Ref: ITI-0019-2019